helping you create a valued, mindful, meaningful life.

yip. sometimes life sucks.

We all face challenges from time to time. We get stressed out. We fight with our good old friend Anxiety. We get worried and overwhelmed.

We can put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect that we forget to live.

Sometimes we find ourselves at a point where we just feel completely unbalanced. Out of control. Chaotic.


We are the experts at beating ourselves up. Our minds know exactly what to say to send us under the duvet watching YouTube, eating chocolate and hiding from the world.

we can get so caught up in all of our thoughts and feelings that we forget about actually living life.

we spend so much energy and effort struggling with the challenges, or trying to avoid them, that we forget there's an entire world of possibility out there.

 but I just want to be happy!

Happiness is actually pretty easy to come by.

You can drink too much, eat too much, party too much, shop too much or exercise too much.

You can make a million lists and plans on cute stationary.

You can spend hours planning the next holiday.

You can look at funny pictures of cats online and be pretty happy while doing it.

the problem is that these short hits of happiness tend to wear off really quickly.

and then you’re back where you started.

Seriously, chasing happiness is not the way.

Life is not about feeling awesome all the time.

Sometimes we will feel like the world threw a garbage bag over our heads, beat us with a stick and things will stink and they will be unpleasant.

Life is about mindfully handling the ups and the downs, and doing what truly matters to us to create more meaningful lives, regardless of how we’re feeling.

And that’s what I do through the value factory

I help you create a valued, mindful, meaningful life of greater well-being


We are all, every single human being, just doing our best.

Like a mountain climber climbing up their chosen mountain. 

No one has it all figured out. No one has reached the top of their mountain. But we can get better and better at climbing and learn to mindfully appreciate the journey to the top.

Sometimes all we need to get unstuck is a little help from someone climbing the mountain next to us. Someone who has a different perspective on what we’re facing.